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American Restoration

IMDB: 6.7

2010, 7 seasons to date



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American Restoration follows the best restoration shops in the United States as they restore pieces of America's history and create awe-inspiring works from vintage items including classic cars, rare antiques and one-of-a-kind bikes.

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Season 1

  • 4112
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    Episode 1: Hopalong Rick
    Rick attempts to restore a 1960's three-wheeled Marketeer Go...
    Oct 25, 2010
  • 4173
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Ice Cold
    Up against a tough deadline, Rick's team attempts to restore...
    Oct 25, 2010
  • Lights Out

    After a severe Las Vegas windstorm knocks down and destroys a local magician's street lamp he calls on some of Rick's restoration magic to fix it. Will Rick and his team pull the rabbit out of a hat and piece the shattered lamp back together, or will this opportunity simply disappear? And later, Rick's son Tyler gets a tough lesson in business after giving a price estimate on a 1930's Eco-Tire Meter. Can he restore it without going over budget, or is he full of hot air?

    Lights Out
  • Buttered Up

    A local picker pays Rick Dale a visit with a truckload of rust laden loot. After spotting an old toy train, Rick hops on-board to buy it. Can Rick and his team get this locomotive up to full steam or will an unseen obstacle force it off its tracks? And later, the guys are asked to restore an antique popcorn machine from 1948 back to its original hot popping glory. Can they serve it up with butter, or will this project just get soggy?

    Buttered Up
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Season 2

  • 1762
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Cooler Kings
    Rick converts a Coca Cola cooler into a combination cooler h...
    Apr 15, 2011
  • 3540
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Knockout
    It's game on for Rick and his team when they restore an earl...
    Apr 15, 2011
  • Duck and Cover

    Rick and his team take a trip out to a local Las Vegas museum to restore a civil defense air raid siren from 1957. Can they withstand this nuclear restoration, or will they fail to duck and cover? And later, a client brings in a turn-of-the-century, nickel-plated cash register.

    Duck and Cover
  • Pumped Up

    Rick and his brother Ron take a road trip to a dusty desert salvage-yard to rummage for some beat-up antiques to flip for cash. Will they find a hidden oasis brimming with profit potential or will they get lost wandering the wasteland? And later, Rick takes a restoration risk and auctions off a 1920s visible gas pump.

    Pumped Up
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Season 3

  • Double Trouble

    Rick and his guys get an eye full when a 100-year-old mutoscope comes into the shop. Can they comfortably crank out a motion picture masterpiece, or will this restoration be a flippin' formula for a major flop? And later, it's double the fun when Rick's brother Ron and son Tyler spot a tarnished tandem bike at a client's house.

    Double Trouble
  • Slick Pick

    It's time for rusty rehab after Rick and his brother Ron pick up two 1950s service station showpieces. Can they successfully salvage these auto antiques or will one minor mistake turn this retro refurbishment into a first-rate fiasco? And later, a client carries in a turn-of-the-century Edison film projector.

    Slick Pick
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Season 4

  • Harleys and Horsies

    When a 1920's "wig wag" train signal arrives, Rick and his crew move full steam ahead on the restoration. Will this restoration stay on track or get run off the rails? Later, Kelly plans a car show at the shop.

    Harleys and Horsies
  • Mixed Signals

    Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

    Mixed Signals
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Season 5

  • The Reject and the Eject

    A 1970s Popcorn Machine rolls in for an old-timey tune up. But when Rick hands the project off to Brettly, it looks like this snack cart might go stale. Then, the crew buckles up for a wild ride when an ejection seat from a 1950s F106 fighter jet lands at the shop.

    The Reject and the Eject
  • Restoration Wipe-Out

    When a 1970s Wet Bike, an early version of a jet-ski, cruises into the shop, the client raises the stakes by offering Rick and Ron a tidy sum if they can ride the restored rig. Can the brothers make it rain or will they wipe out? Also, returning customer Darius brings in an item unlike anything the shop has ever seen: A World War II era bomb.

    Restoration Wipe-Out
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Season 6

  • Pickup the Pieces

    In LA, Bodie fixes up a 1959 Ford F100 in hopes of flipping it to an exacting Ford truck aficionado. Meanwhile in Michigan, Andy takes an emotional ride restoring a 1940's JC Higgins bike, and Bob's Garage resurrects a buried 1930's gas pump.

    Pickup the Pieces
  • Up Against the Wall

    At Wheels Through Time, Dale is racing to bring a 90-year-old Indian motorcycle back to life to perform on the infamous traveling motorcycle stunt show, the Wall of Death. Meanwhile in New York, Steve finds himself in the dark during the restoration of a vintage neon sign.

    Up Against the Wall
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Season 7

  • Rust-O-Mod

    Steve's Restorations takes on the challenge of restoring a client's rust bucket 1972 Ford Gran Torino 2-door formal roof into a unique one of a kind machine that is handicap accessible. While Bodie Stroud Industries attempts to bring new life into a bullet nose 1950 Studebaker that is beyond restoration. Then, in Georgia, Bob's Garage brings back a family's cherished 1959 hi-fi stereo.

  • Pickup the Pieces

    In LA, Bodie fixes up a 1959 Ford F100 in hopes of flipping it to an exacting Ford truck aficionado. Meanwhile in Michigan, Andy takes an emotional ride restoring a 1940's JC Higgins bike, and Bob's Garage resurrects a buried 1930's gas pump.

    Pickup the Pieces
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