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The Originals

IMDB: 8.3

2013, 5 seasons to date

Drama / Fantasy / Horror

By Julie Plec

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A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world's original vampires: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. "Every King needs an heir" says Klaus, accepting the unborn child. The child is a first to be born to a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf) and a werewolf (Hayley).

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Season 1

  • Tangled Up in Blue

    Betrayal at the masquerade ball? Klaus and Rebekah come together to attempt to unravel Marcel's empire from within, in spite of Elijah's concerns. They enlist help from Sophie.

    Tangled Up in Blue
  • Girl in New Orleans

    Determined Rebekah is on a mission to get to the bottom of a recent strange encounter involving Elijah. Davina convinces Marcel to let her attend an annual street music festival.

    Girl in New Orleans
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Season 2

  • 45
    First Date Tips
    Episode 1: Rebirth
    Hayley struggles with her powers. Marcel sides with Klaus an...
    Oct 6, 2014
  • 45
    First Date Tips
    Episode 2: Alive and Kicking
    Nathaniel appears as Kol in flashback whereas tensions betwe...
    Oct 13, 2014
  • Every Mother's Son

    When Klaus and Elijah receive a cryptic invitation to dinner from their mother Esther, they find themselves preparing for the worst. Esther reveals a shocking secret about Klaus' childhood and unveils her ultimate plan for her children.

    Every Mother's Son
  • Live and Let Die

    Davina takes Mikael to a cabin to heal from his wolf bites. Klaus searches for them. Elijah, Marcel and Hayley try to rescue some young wolves.

    Live and Let Die
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Season 3

  • I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans

    Klaus seeks to take revenge for the taking of his baby, Hope, by Hayley and Jackson whom Elijah also seem to be against Klaus. Meanwhile Davina tries to lead her coven, and seeks help from Freya to bring Kol back. Hope is kidnapped, meanwhile Klaus is hostage at the attic.

    I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans
  • A Walk on the Wild Side

    In order to uncover what his old acquaintance Tristan is really up to in New Orleans, Elijah considers attending a gala thrown by a mysterious group of ancient vampires known as The Strix, while Hayley invites herself to attend with him.

    A Walk on the Wild Side
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Season 4

  • Haunter of Ruins

    After five long years apart, Klaus attempts to reconnect with his daughter, Hope. Elijah mediates a conflict between Hayley and Freya to determine the best way to protect the family.

    Haunter of Ruins
  • Keepers of the House

    While Klaus remains behind with Hope, Elijah and a reluctant Vincent join the hunt, which puts them on a dangerous collision course with an unlikely new threat.

    Keepers of the House
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Season 5